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Gasyapon Yowamushi Pedal Swing 3 (1 Piece)

Gasyapon Yowamushi Pedal Swing 3 (1 Piece)

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We will send you one of the following 6 types from Tokyo, Japan by Parcel Post.

Temporarily out of stock


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    almost 4 years ago at Tunisia

    Gasyapon Yowamushi Pedal Swing 3 (1 Piece)I just received this 'Luchabull' Pokemon metal key chain now and I was very happy about it!! ^ ^ Despite its miniature eraser or pencil sharpener size, the quality looks really good- stainless steel, I assume (or it just gives off such a feeling) and the picture of the Pokemon was very clear to look at so despite not getting characters I am naturally inclined to (Pancham, Mew, Jigglypuff or Pikachu (I know some of them don't seem to be in the key chain selection, but they are Pokemons I like, though.), I am pleased to say that this is worth 10,000 points and almost a month of waiting was not in vain. <(^w^<)


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