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JUMP COMICS D.Gray-man 21 (Japanese Edition)

JUMP COMICS D.Gray-man 21 (Japanese Edition)

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We will send you this comics from Tokyo, Japan by Printed Matter.

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User Reviews

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  • Poli IlievaPoli Ilieva
    almost 4 years ago at Bulgaria

    JUMP COMICS D.Gray-man 21 (Japanese Edition)It's here! I finally got it...I'm so happy. Well this volume was realy sad i just cried ;-; but it's really good. Thanks a lot! I'm happy I got it.

  • Amani ImaneAmani Imane
    about 4 years ago at Algeria

    JUMP COMICS D.Gray-man 21 (Japanese Edition)love it it came in 3 months The manga is small and cute ,colors are perfect I love everything in it Thank you for this reward I was really happy with it


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