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Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)

Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)

59,900 Points & Free Shipping

We will send you one of the following 11 types from Tokyo, Japan by Parcel Post.

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  • Lancia KiokoLancia Kioko
    almost 4 years ago at India

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)Yay!! My first Nendoroid. I got Hatsune Miku ^^ Thank you I.ntere.st. Took about 2 weeks to get the item.

    almost 4 years ago at Indonesia

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)Yey i got first nendoroid petit ! Kagamine Len~ even i want Miku but its okay XD Len looks so cute! i like his eyes and great coloring. The quality is good. The size little bit too small 6 cm. Thanks anime interest for give me a great prize ^^

  • Love SickLove Sick
    about 4 years ago at Viet Nam

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)After 1 month, finally it reach me, yay yay. and more than i expected this time, it's Neruuuu. I love her. Although there are just a little mistake with her, but I fixed it, and she's perfect now. Thank you very much i.ntere.st team ^^

  • wawan andrianawawan andriana
    about 4 years ago at Indonesia

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)i got meiko sakine. It took three weeks to arrive. thank you interest. I hope I can get Neru or Kagamine

  • Issei HyoudouIssei Hyoudou
    about 4 years ago at Argentina

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)Sugoii >w< esta muy lindo gracias i.ntere.st tardo 1 mes en llegar :3 esta muy lindo y el muñeco llego en perfecto estado pero la caja estaba destruida xD jaja :3 muchisimas gracias es muy kawaii :3 arigato <3

  • KunoKuno
    about 4 years ago at United States

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)Earlier I received this little guy in the mail, after nearly three weeks of waiting. I was so excited to get this at first but then after seeing how small the figure really was, I got beyond disappointed. It's so small! Nearly 50,000 points for like a 6 cm figure? Total rip off! I was mostly upset because the figure came with a broken arm that I needed to glue back into place. Oh and I had to cut the plastic to his scarf because the plastic was wider than the hole. I admit Kaito is cute here but this is just ridiculous.

  • Olivia PuspitasariOlivia Puspitasari
    about 4 years ago at Indonesia

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)Height its 5cm, not really happy because its too short for 20k poin and it take almost 2 months. But never mind, because this is my first vocaloid nendroid^^ Thank you very much i.ntere.st

  • ZerlZerl
    about 4 years ago at Indonesia

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)I got Yowane Haku. The one that i want, but it arrived without the box. I guess it used item, anyway it's okay, I like it. I'm glad it arrived safely and in good condition. It arrived in 10 days since it shipped. Thanks i.ntere.st :)

  • Marth ErudonMarth Erudon
    over 4 years ago at Indonesia

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)I got the hidden character Hachune Miku. It came with the box. You can move the hands and legs. It also has a leek accessory.

  • Baka MoyashiBaka Moyashi
    over 4 years ago at Algeria

    Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID #01 (1 Piece)thnx team i.ntere.st, it arrived in less then 20 days ^^


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