Use +in bookmarklet to pick up images from anywhere on the internet and add them to your album.

Drag and drop the below +in link to your bookmarks bar.


What is bookmarklet

Read following descriptions for more details about how to setup and use +in bookmarklet.

How to setup bookmarklet

First, check whether your bookmarks bar is shown or hidden. If there is a space under the tabs, that means you have your bookmarks bar shown.

How to setup bookmarklet

Second, drag and drop the +in link, which you can find above here, to the bookmarks bar.

How to setup bookmarklet

After you drop the +in link, +in bookmarklet will appears on bookmarks bar.

How to setup bookmarklet

Setting is over.

How to use bookmarklet

Just click +in bookmarklet when you find an image on the internet that you want to add to your album. Then you will move to +in steps with some images. Next, click the +in button on the image you want to +in and set albums and comments for the image.

Here are the 4 steps you need.


Click the +in button on the bookmarks bar to add the image to your album. For example, click +in button when you find Miku figure picture on the Facebook page.

How to use bookmarklet step1


+in button will be shown on the image. Choose a image to +in and click the +in button to add it your Album.

How to use bookmarklet step2


Set your album and write a comment. Then click ok to end it.

How to use bookmarklet step3


Should be added to your album!

How to use bookmarklet step4

That's all!

Wasn't easy?

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